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Original from Thailand 🇹🇭

1 pack = 60 capsules
From the Manufacturer of Frozen Collagen...see the result from the first use❗️

👉🏻Clean and detoxify your body.
Want to eat well but are afraid of fat?
Frozen detox helps inhibit / block about 25% of the fat that you eat, so it is not absorbed by the body.
Stroke due to excess weight. Various diseases and unhealthy experience. Difficulty in breathing because of excess weight as well. It's so tiring, right? Keep yourself at the right time by keeping your weight and body fit. Frozen Detox is your solution. ♥️🤗♥️

👉🏻Frozen Detox Fast Slimming Capsules contains 100% natural ingredients without any Side Effect:

1) Burn Fats
2) Better digestion (speed up metabolism)
3) Diet, reduce weight without Exercise
4) Reducing the whole body fat is interesting
5) Build beautiful figures
6) May reduce weight by 8-10 kg in 30 days
7) Control the formation of new fat
8)Reduce the blood lipid
9) Blood circulation will stimulate
10) The balance of the direct components will nourish
11) Reduce the fat of the whole body
12) Accelerate the metabolism of the body within 14-28 days
13) Blocking fat absorption without harmful properties
14) Reduces Stress
15) Helps get rid of excess water
16) Better Sleep
17) Strengthened Immune System

See the best results from the first use❗️

♥️Active Ingredients:
✓ Psyllium Husk Powder
✓ Indian Gooseberry Powder
✓ Prune Juice Powder
✓ Myrobalan Wood Extract
✓ Beleric Myboran Extract
✓ Garcinia Extract

💋 How to use:
✔Drink plenty of water throughout the day
✔Take 2 capsules before bedtime (can consume with Frozen collagen together).
✔But for a better and fast result, maximum 4 capsules may take per day.


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